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Opinions of surviving Chopin and Liszt recordings by Edward Cahill

A marvellous musician who was able to play magisterially but limpidly, full of charm and yet with forensic intelligence and insight. One can only regret not knowing sooner about this great artist.

Dr. Leslie Howard
Distinguished pianist, composer and musicologist
Acclaimed performer of Liszt

*  *  *  *

Cahill plays throughout with irrepressible spirit and energy. The character of each piece is clearly projected and his appreciation of what the music is 'about' is faultless. It is easy to visualise his virtuoso panache.

James Methuen-Campbell 
International authority on Chopin interpretation

*  *  *  *

Cahill's playing is passionately driven, full of excitingly forthright strength, but with a formal grip and sense of cadence that give it true command, shot through with unmistakeable touches of originality and tonal nuance.

Piers Lane
Australian pianist of worldwide distinction

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