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REVIEWS of Point Venus

Point Venus was published by Brandl & Schlesinger (Sydney 1998).

".......a meticulously researched and imagined novel of great power and force. Few Australian novelists since Patrick White have so precisely understood the tragic European dimension to the antipodean colonial dilemma as has Michael Moran."
author and critic Times Literary Supplement

"......he vividly describes an island of stunning beauty, a "land for eagles and angels" ......a trip to the islands worth taking."
The Australian's Review of Books March 1999

" For me, it is the 'remote island of pines', this sub-tropical paradise east of Sydney that becomes the main protagonist in the story. This is an intense book, the historical background of Pitcainers and convicts meticulously researched........Moran has captured the intensity of European colonial society in a small place. Point Venus is an ambitious book with a fine balance drawn between cruelty and romantic sentiment."

  The Tahitian Princess Poedua, the daughter of Orio, Chief of Raiatea painted in 1777 on Captain Cook's Last Voyage by John Webber (1752-1793) National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London
The Australian Book Review August 1999

"Reading this exotic book is like visiting another planet."
Journalist in Budapest

"......highly romantic......a young woman seems to have stepped straight out of a Gauguin painting. Mareva has all the attributes of a dream woman, right down to the lustrous eyes, golden skin and sensitive yet sensual lips…..she soon displays the Siren's ability to turn men's minds to mush."
Canberra Times
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